Making paper products the sustainable option

Sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging and paper products are a growing demand for today’s consumer.  Scout Sourcing searches globally for paper and packaging materials that bring these elements to the forefront for our clients.

“We help connect and communicate your sustainability message to different environmental components.”

One of the biggest elements of your environmental “footprint” is associated with your paper and packaging materials.  Fiber-based paper & packaging can be highly sustainable, and Scout Sourcing can help insure you are optimizing this resource.  We understand the science behind our products, what makes them superior in strength, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.

The type of paper or packaging materials you select can:

  • Lighten the weight of your folding carton while maintaining or improving quality
  • Help you reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your shipping and energy costs

As an organization, enhancing your sustainability profile has been proven to produce tangible benefits. These include broadening your customer relationships, improves your reputational success, and strengthens your brand’s image.

The most sustainable packaging and paper choices often provide the most innovative materials and can be the most cost effective.  Scout Sourcing identifies the best fits for our clients and helps bring additional value to your products through an effective sustainability strategy.


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